Utopia Be

Extreme Technology to Sound Sensuality

Both radical and exclusive, the Utopia Be range is above all, the result of an extraordinary human endeavor with the aim to reach the top level of sound reproduction. Working without constraints or limits allowed us to introduce and manufacture a tweeter with a pure Beryllium inverted dome, a genuine world’s first, that pushes forward the quality of musical reproduction. This material, 100 times more expensive than gold, is largely responsible for Focal’s sound quality revolution. With the capability to reproduce frequencies up to 40kHz, this real and enormous technological achievement results in musical reproduction of the very tiniest detail. In addition, by lowering the resonant frequency to 1.2kHz, a smooth matching is made between the tweeter and the mid-range, creating a sound stage with incomparable width and precision. The design of the composite “W” sandwich cone for the mid-range drivers and subwoofers allows complete control of a wide range of parameters, including rigidity, lightness, and damping. This assures a more accurate and realistic sound. Utopia Be could not have been created without a demanding and unique mix of technical innovation, hand-made precision and the full in-house control of the entire manufacturing process. Utopia has set the new standard in musical quality reproduction.

<center>Utopia Technology</center>
Utopia Technology
Utopia Be staples include the Beryllium Inverted Dome Tweeter, “W” Composite Sandwich Cone, and Utopia Crossblock.


  • Nº 7

    Focal Elite Utopia Be

  • Nº 6

    Focal Elite Utopia Be No6 Kit Number 6

  • Nº 5

    Focal Elite Utopia Be No5 Kit Number 5

  • 165 W-RC

    Focal Elite Utopia Be 165 WR-C 165WRC

  • Ultima



  • 33 WX 2

    Focal Elite Utopia Be 33WX2

  • 21 WX

    Focal Elite Utopia Be 21WX

  • 13 WS

    Focal Elite Utopia Be 13WS Subwoofer