Sub-Woofer Systems

Subwoofer Systems

JL Audio enclosed subwoofer systems offer you a wide variety of precisely engineered and assembled subwoofer designs. From the diminutive CP106LG-W3v3 to the massive H.O. systems, we have a system that is just right for your performance goals, budget and available space…

All our enclosed subwoofer designs are precisely modeled using state-of-the-art 3D software so that every dimension, cutout, angle and recess is quantified. This information is then used to program JL Audio’s CNC woodworking equipment. The enclosed subwoofer systems are then assembled by skilled craftsmen…This flawless combination has made JL Audio the performance leader in engineered sub-bass solutions.

Why roll the dice with some cheaply made “universal box” when you can enjoy the quality and performance of a well-engineered solution?

H.O. Wedge™

Excellent sound quality and awesome output!


Are you ready for a higher level of sub-bass performance?


Uniting our tried and true sealed PowerWedge™ enclosures with a proprietary Class D amplifier design, PowerWedge+™ systems are engineered to deliver incredible performance in a compact, all-in-one subwoofer package.


JL Audio PowerWedge™ systems have defined value in engineered low-frequency systems for almost two decades.


Taking our high-performance, slot-ported enclosure designs to an all-new level.


Our low-profile, slot-ported MicroSub™ delivers astonishing bass performance in very tight spaces.


Our most affordable enclosed subwoofer systems feature MDF construction and quality carpet with a JL AUDIO logo embroidered onto the top surface for a clean, classy look.