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Remote start systems are perfect for anyone in cold or hot changing climates who want the convenience of climate control in their vehicle from the comfort of their home or office. Warm or cool vehicles make for a better experience in automotive simplicity and demonstration in modern technology. Cars benefit greatly from being warmed mechanically before ran. The more severe temperature the more important this is to the health of your vehicle and engine. Anyone living Kansas City already aware. We are the weather changing leaders in the mid west. Remote start is a benefit you can feel every day as well as in seasons that change.

Remote Starters are used to preheat or cool down your car before you even get into it. Say goodbye to a cold vehicle hello to installation experts from Max Speed and Sound. Stop in the shop conveniently located in Kansas city with any questions and set the appointment. Remember remote start systems are just the start. Max Speed and Sound carries cutting-edge security technology protection. We keep you safe, cool and protected from anything the world has to offer.

Regularly we dispel the idea where folks think that a remote starter will make your vehicle easier to steal since it’s just sitting there running. Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, a remote starter will make your vehicle harder to steal. First, when a vehicle is running after being started with a remote starter, it cannot be placed in gear or operated unless the key is placed in the ignition. Secondly, the vehicle is locked and the lights can be activated along with the engine. Also, many models of remote starters on the market today are equipped with a tamper alarm function that will trigger an audible alarm in the event that the vehicle is being broken into.


Aside from the security benefits, there are also safety benefits. First, is a remote starter will help clear iced up or fogged windshields and outer mirrors. This will allow you the ability to see clearly when you get into the vehicle and drive away. Additionally, in most cases it keeps you from having to risk slipping and falling while you scrape ice and snow from the exterior of your vehicle. Finally, with a remote starter, there is no more having to fumble for your keys as you approach your vehicle, allowing you to get in and drive away. Smooth, you might need in fast. Parking lots can be weird places at night

In addition to the important benefit of getting into a car that’s a comfortable temperature, safety, and security, a remote start also has some rather nice features of convenience. First, is the added range over a factory key-less entry system. While most factory systems have a range of around 100 feet, a remote start system can have a range of up to 800 feet. So if you’re in the concessions line at the movie theater and are wondering if you remembered to lock your car, you won’t have to walk back outside to be sure…just click the lock button on the remote start fob. Adding to that, many remote start systems can control vehicle sliding doors, trunk releases, and even track your car’s location in that huge mall parking lot.