Passport Max2 “radar”

This Escort Passport Max2 0100016-3 radar and laser detector utilizes DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to provide fast, accurate identification of radar, laser and safety camera signals and checks signal DNA to minimize the occurrence of false alarms.

Product Features

Compatible with most cars, motorcycles and noncommercial trucks

For wide-ranging use.

DSP (Digital Signal Processing

Delivers rapid, precise detection of radar, laser and safety camera signals.

Checks signal DNA

To limit false alarms for enhanced alert accuracy.

AutoLearn technology

Utilizes GPS and exact frequencies to learn and reject unwanted door openers and fixed-position false alarms.

DEFENDER database

Provides information on active red light and speed cameras throughout North America. Weekly Web-based updates ensure accurate, current information.

Bluetooth interface

Allows simple pairing with compatible devices, so you can receive user-generated reports on police activity, real-time speed check data and changes in posted speed limits (app download required).

Sticky Cup windshield mount

Enables simple, secure installation.

Soft-side travel case

Protects your detector when not in use.

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