Window Tinting

If you operate a vehicle, you’ll find that there are a few obligations drivers have to take care of their car. Window tint should be at the top of that list! Here at Max Speed and Sound, we pride ourselves on a speedy installation time. We can get you in and out faster than it would take you to get your tags at the DMV!

Both used and new cars receive an enhanced, pristine look when window tint is correctly applied by professionals. High-quality window film can provide up to a 78% reduction in heat transfer; this reduces the sun’s

effect on the interior of your car. This aids in decreasing the amount of time the AC runs, in turn, extending the life of the vehicle’s AC system.

Kansas City weather is a primary reason to have your windows tinted. Hot or cold, we Missourians never really know! However, what we do know is that window tint will keep your car cooler in the warm months. One can’t deny the benefits that window tint presents! Quality film blocks up to 98% of the sun’s UV rays. By blocking UV rays, window tint can reduce the fading in your seats, carpets, dash, and wood trim, extending the life of these automobile components.

Some people wonder about the effect that window tint has on car theft. Cars are a common hotspot for thieves. People leave valuables in their cars all the time-purses, phones, money, even keys! Aside from personal valuables, cars also contain high ticket items like stereo systems. So how does window tint play into this? 


That depends on how dark you decide to go with your window tint! If a thief can’t see anything valuable then they aren’t going to risk getting caught. Think of window tint as a preemptive safety measure that protects you, your car, and your personal belongings. If theft is a concern, be sure to also ask about car alarms and remote start systems. Call us to schedule an appointment!


Due to the high-quality film offered at Max Speed and Sound, warranties are offered on installations that guard against cracking, fading, and bubbling for the lifetime of the vehicle. Stop in and visit us in Kansas City to talk about your specific needs and to get a free quote!