JL Audio HD


Our flagship amplifiers feature Single-Cycle Control switching technology and R.I.P.S. power supplies to deliver top-flight audio performance.
“Small” is not the only story here.
Making a small amplifier is great, of course… but not if power and sound quality are sacrificed.
This is why our engineering team focused on achieving world-class fidelity first, and then on making our HD amplifiers amazingly powerful, efficient and small. These efforts led to a remarkable switching amplifier technology called Single Cycle Control™, which allows all of these goals to be achieved.
Product Line Overview
This exclusive core amplifier technology is mated to our regulated, intelligent power supply (R.I.P.S.), advanced thermal management systems and a full complement of studio-grade processing features, putting the HD amplifiers in a performance class of their own. Behind every HD’s removable security cover, you will find studio-grade signal processing with fully variable crossover filters. Also included are our noise-killing, highly flexible differential-balanced inputs with remote level control capabilities via the HD-RLC remote level control (optional).
We invite you to sonically compare the HD amplifiers to any amplifier, at any price… We think you will quickly discover that all the old amplifier compromises have suddenly vanished.