Custom Motorcycle Audio

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Video cameras, antennas and head units are just a few of the motorcycle audio and electronic components that Max Speed and Sound offers. We also offer a large selection of sound systems.

We offers a large assortment of speakers, amplifiers, and a one of a kind sound bar designed specifically for your motorcycle. Whether you want to stream audio via Bluetooth or plug your media player directly into the system, we have a solution for you that is guaranteed to blow you away even at 80 MPH.

All Max Speed and Sound motorcycle audio products are weatherized, ensuring you can still enjoy your music no matter what kind of weather you are driving through.

With the largest selection of aftermarket motorcycle technology, we offer motorcycle audio components from top brands, including JL Audio, Kenwood and Go Pro! Max Speed and Sound has your custom audio for motorcycles covered in the Kansas City area!

  • Amplifiers – Some factory radios sound okay, but when it comes to competing with wind, road noise, and traffic they just don’t have the power to keep up.  Adding an amplifier can give your motorcycle’s sound system the boost that it needs.  The amplifier can usually fit inside the front fairing or in the saddle bag.  Some amplifiers have specially designed EQ circuits to enhance the bass and sound quality of the smaller speakers that are found on motorcycles.  They are also made to be efficient so they will not be a heavy load to your bike’s electrical system.
  • Speakers – The speakers that come standard on bikes are pretty much the bare minimum, and again can’t usually keep up with wind and road noise.  When choosing new speakers, take into account if they can handle the power your new amplifier will be providing and if they can hold up in the weather conditions you normally ride in
  • Receivers –The radio in your bike is where
    the signal starts and upgrading it can allow you to get the best performance from your amplifiers and speakers.  When replacing the radio, always consider if it will work with your motorcycle’s handlebar controls for volume, track, mode, and seek.
  • Extras! – Upgrading your motorcycle doesn’t have to stop with the standard audio gear.  Many other technologies can be integrated as well, such as GPS navigation, iPods/MP3 players, smartphones, and satellite radio. Plus – custom lighting options available!


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